Cooperation with non-governmental organizations

Rahbar Farayand Arya Group, looking at sustainable development and using people’s capacities in the form of its social responsibility in the field of environment and development of local areas and with regard to its policy, has a serious planning in interaction with non-governmental organizations.

This view includes three groups of public institutions:

1. Organizations protecting the environment : In line with the mission of being green and reducing energy consumption and harming nature, using clean energy, managing water consumption in production, developing green space and reducing carbon dioxide and other environmental pollutants should be used. This is important in such a way that the interested group of participation and cooperation with these organizations for the better implementation of the missions in the company takes place.

2. Charitable organizations: In line with the mission of transforming your workplace into a better environment for the life and use of the native people, the Rahbar Farayand Arya Group is an infrastructure program for interacting with the native community and prioritizing the employment of local experts and supporting vulnerable groups in the priority of development. In this regard, charitable organizations and local institutions of places where mines and factories are built or operated can be good arms for interacting and getting to know the desired people for the collection.

3. People’s organizations and knowledge institutions: Organizations and scientific associations are one of the most important pillars of functional differentiation of the collection in line with the mission of developing knowledge and improving the level of quality and productivity of the collection. In this regard, an infrastructure program for communication with scientific networks, including universities, associations, organizations and other non-governmental organizations, has been considered for the development of this cooperation, which can be a serious way to speed up the development of this industry in the country.

4. Thematic non-governmental organizations: Populations and groups of people and institutions that move in the direction of sustainable development and social development and the creation of social competences, as well as foundations that take steps towards national development, can be one of the good companions of the Rahbar Farayand Arya Group, so that with them the desired programs of excellence of the group for growth and Iran It will reach more prominence and create more cultural improvement and inner power for this industry.