central office:

Address: No. 111, Shahid Ostad Motahari Street, Tehran

Phone number: 02191212010

E-mail: info@rfa-co.com

Jalalabad Complex:

Address: 35 kilometers northwest of Zarand city, Kerman province

phone number: ۳۱۲۴۷۰۰۰-۰۳۴

Yazd Desert Payafolad Complex:

Address: 140 km of the road from Yazd to Tabas, 5 km of the old road of Saghand to Chadormello

phone number: ۳۸۴۱۱۷۰۰-۰۳۵

Chadormello tailings recycling complex:

Address: Ardakan, km 25 of Ardakan Nayin Road

phone number: ۳۷۲۴۹۱۹۱-۰۳۵

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