exploitation of industrial intelligence

With the use of industrial intelligence and the day-by-day progress of our country in various industries, including the mining industry, new technologies have also been used. All these goals in the format

Intelligent industrial exploitation will be possible.

Rahbar Farayand Arya has also had a strong presence in the field of industrial intelligence and considering the first level of the foundation structure of the collection, which is the use of experts and expert human resources, a systematic structure and the use of IT and IoT technology, he tries to implement the world’s innovations in the best possible way. to use

In other words, Rahbar Group has established a huge capacity in Pars Industry Icon Holding by having expert people and a powerful management system structure and combining these two with modern IoT technology and industrial intelligence so that it can achieve the following goals with the efforts of all members of the group:

  • Control of wastage and optimal use of water
  • Optimization of consumables
  • Optimal management of the life cycle of machines
  • Increasing the availability of machines

Achieving these 4 important goals can lead the Aria process manager to an extraordinary performance and high operational efficiency in the field of industrial intelligent exploitation.

In this regard, the Rahbar Farayand Arya , has put the green look program in priorities.