Looking at production in Rahbar Farayand Arya company

Looking at the mining and industrial production activities in Iran and the West Asian region, which has a lot of potential in the field of mining industry and its related chain, there will be many opportunities for the region and the country in the near future, which necessitates the creation of a complex A productive industry based on modern knowledge and new technologies for international competition was very noticeable.

In this regard, the Rahbar Farayand Arya group entered the field of existence with the fundamental goal of improving the productivity and production knowledge of Iran’s mining industry so that it can establish a special place for itself and its associates in the bright future of this industry.

The general view of this collection in the production sector is to improve technical knowledge and use modern technologies to reduce waste and energy with a green approach, which will lead to the development of the quality of the final product, the development of knowledge in this industry, and the improvement of the productivity of factories and exploitation sites.

The company always strives to achieve this goal and by using new knowledge in the fields of human capital, internet-based technologies such as IoT and scientific methods in improving processing efficiency, improving work processes and maintenance and repairs, to raise the level of this industry promote in Iran and the region.

The company’s approach is to create benefits for the beneficiaries and look win-win with them, in such a way that during the operation, in addition to receiving more optimal service from other service providers, the customers of the collection can witness the improvement of their collection in terms of quality, productivity, technology and human capital.