Introducing our business partners


One of the business partners of Aranoma company, by carefully examining the country’s industries and industrial factories, realized the need of industrial owners for remote online monitoring and control, and to meet this need, he keyed the necessary measures to improve the level of automation in industrial factories. For this purpose, by examining the technologies proposed in the fourth industrial revolution and the added value produced in this field, relying on the knowledge of internal experts in the field of software, hardware and control, we decided to develop and implement the platform. IoT On SCADA systems and providing appropriate outputs on the web as a service. Aranoma’s services and solutions are aimed at reducing production costs in factories and preparing them to enter the 0.4 industry and higher levels of automation.

One of the business partners is Farzan Fanandish:

Beh Andishi and Technology Farda Company (BAFCO) is another business partner that, having a long history in the field of engineering and commercial activities, decided to concentrate its knowledge-based activities in a separate company consisting of personnel with high technical knowledge in 2015. Farzan Fan Andish Farda Company has been located in the growth center of Amir Kabir University of Technology since May 2016 in order to speed up its knowledge-based activities and continuous communication with the country’s universities, and has taken steps to attract academic faculty elites to its management team and academic elites to its technical team.

The main activities of this company are focusing on technical and engineering services in the fields of automation and industrial control systems, power electricity and power electronics, and at the same time, it also pursues its research and development activities in the field of solar energy and power electronics. Farzan Fanandish Farda’s approach is to gain trust and create long-term relationship with their customers and introduce their technical capabilities to the country’s industry. In such a way that the projects carried out by this company are always satisfied and confirmed by the technical quality of respected employers and they consider this company as a trusted consultant, expert and reliable business partner.

Fakor Sanat Tehran is our another business partners:

Fakor Sanat Engineering Company of Tehran is another business partner that, with three decades of brilliant and purposeful activity in the development and completion of upstream and downstream industries of the iron and steel value chain, has played a significant role in realizing the production of raw steel in the amount of 55 million tons in the horizon of 1404. , has performed through the transfer of technical knowledge and localization of modern sciences.

After its establishment in 1372, by taking advantage of modern knowledge in the field of management, and at the same time using specialized tools, and on the one hand, firmly believing in development based on research and continuous learning, it has gained valuable experiences and excellent records. It has taken the lead in the field of competition in the industries of the field of activity.

The research institute and research center for mineral processing and metallurgy of Fakor Sanat Engineering Company of Tehran, which is considered among the most prominent research centers in the field of iron ore, copper and steel industries in the Middle East, has advanced facilities and equipment and elite and creative forces and is considered as a unique center in the country accelerates and facilitates the implementation of the company’s research and development process.

Granting research license and other domestic and international certificates by relevant organizations, institutions and translators such as the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade, Program and Budget Organization, Industrial Management Organization and NORDTUV Institute, in the fields of design, construction, implementation and operation. Mineral processing factories, iron ore concentrates, pellet making, steelmaking and copper and aluminum processing and smelting factories make Fakor Sanat one of the best engineering and executive companies capable of carrying out industrial and mineral projects in the form of EPCF, EPC, PC, EC E made a converter.

Fakor Meghnatis Aspadana

Fakor Meghnatis Aspadana is one of the business partners, a company consisting of specialized and motivated groups, which has been designing and producing magnetic equipment and material transfer since 1371, using the experiences of Fekor Sanat Tehran. This equipment has so far provided the important and basic needs of users in major industries of the country such as mines and mineral processing factories, steel factories and related industries.

The main capital of this company is its knowledgeable and expert customers who, relying on the latest technology and the most extensive services, are looking for an effective and reliable way to meet their needs. Therefore, in order to obtain complete customer satisfaction, this company has made its most important organizational mission to provide unique services and constant advice to customers, and considers itself obliged to accompany them from moment to moment to achieve the desired result.

Fakor Meghnatis Aspadana holds the ISO 2008:9001 certificate for the production of its products in Iran, and this, along with a large collection of domestic and foreign customers, guarantees the international quality of this company’s products.

The great popularity of Fakor Meghnatis Aspadana manufacturing equipment among the big and old customers of this company is the result of the high quality and reasonable price of these products, and that is why this company has always played a strong and effective role in increasing the productivity of industrial production in the country.

Koosha mine

Koosha Mine Consulting Engineers Company is one of the other business partners that was established in 1375 with the aim of providing technical and engineering services in the field of technical and engineering activities. By using experienced experts and cooperating with professors of universities and large foreign companies, this company has been able to complete large projects in the fields of exploration, design and monitoring of mining throughout the country.

In this regard, we can include additional exploration operations, determination of reserves, design and supervision of the extraction of Iran’s largest iron ore reserves, Gohar Zamin iron ore mine (with 643 million tons of reserves), Gol Gohar iron ore mine (with 253 million tons of reserves), Gol Gohar 2 (with 52 million tons of reserves), mine No. 4 (with reserves of 88 million tons), iron ore discovery of 8 anomalous areas in Bafaq, Robat Posht Badam iron ore mine and Anomaly 6 areas of Gol Gohar.

This company has level 1 of mining, level 1 of prospecting and exploration of mines, level 3 of environment, level 3 of ore preparation and material processing, from the country’s management and planning organization, as well as an engineering service license in the field of designing and producing specialized software, geology, exploration And the technical and economic review of the plans is from the Industries and Mines Organization.

Being chosen as the selected consultant of Sanat Bank in 2013 and the regional consultant of this bank since 2013, as well as being selected as the most trusted and customer-oriented consultant of the bank in 2013 and winning the title of exemplary unit of engineering services in 2017 by the Organization of Industries and Mines and Fars governorship is another honor of this company.

Kavan Abbasabad copper

Kavan Abbas Abad Copper Company is one of the other business partners that was established in 2006 for the purpose of exploration, extraction from Abbas Abad mines, processing, production and export of copper concentrate. And in 2012, it was purchased by Pars Sanat Group.

In addition to carrying out exploration and extraction operations from the above mines, this company uses the latest production and processing technologies in the world, including dry stone crushing lines, X-ray sorters, and equipped flotation factories, and by employing more than 145 experienced human resources, including experts, technicians. Skilled technicians and employees are able to produce more than 7,000 tons of copper concentrate products per year, which, in addition to selling and distributing their products in the domestic market and exporting them, has also boosted the economy of Abbas Abad region, located 415 kilometers from Shahrood Road, and contributed has played a role in improving the economic cycle of the country.

Introduction of business partners

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Kavan Abbasabad copper

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