Message of CEO

Endless praise and praise to God, who created us

Rahbar Farayand Arya Company, relying on its extensive expertise and experience in the field of intelligent and specialized exploitation and with a commitment to innovation and the use of new technologies, is taking steps towards becoming one of the leaders of this industry at the national and international level.

Our goal in leading the Aria process is to provide superior quality services and create a unique experience for all our stakeholders. We believe that human capital, commitment to quality, innovation and technology, customer orientation, and environmental protection are our fundamental values ​​that illuminate the path of our growth and success.

Protecting the interests of the employer and productive production are our basic principles in guiding the Rahbar Farayand Aria . We are committed to helping our employers achieve the highest level of productivity and maintain their interests by providing efficient and optimal solutions. Using new technologies and advanced management methods, we strive to improve processes and provide better results for our employers.

Rahbar Farayand leader company with agility and intelligence seeks to create high added value and efficiency for itself and its stakeholders and in this way tries to make the most efficient and cost effective and by using knowledge, brilliant history and support of the group Fekor Sanat Tehran companies and the complete chain from design and supply to implementation, implement the best.

We are always trying to provide the best services to our customers by using the latest scientific and technological achievements, and relying on an experienced and expert team, and respond to their needs with the highest level of precision and speed.

I sincerely thank all the companions, colleagues, and stakeholders who accompany us on this path with their support and trust. I hope that with your cooperation and sympathy, we can be more successful than ever in improving the level of our services and products.

Wishing success and victory to all artisans and development workers of Iran

Rahbar Farayand Arya

Hasan Reza Heydari

Best wishes for success and pride,

CEO of Rahbar Farayand Arya