Projects and factories

Paya iron ore concentrate factory of Kavir Yazd

In 2017, the start-up of this factory was started by Fakor Sanat Tehran company and it was put into operation in November 2019. This complex is located on a land of 56 hectares, adjacent to the country’s big mines such as Chadormelo, Chagharat and Chaghez, and currently has the capacity to produce one million tons of iron ore concentrate per year.

With the construction of this complex, 300 people have been directly employed and 800 people have been provided indirectly.

After the construction of this factory, the responsibility of managing the operation of this factory has been assigned to Rahbar Farayand Arya Company, and this group has been able to have a significant effect on the productivity of this factory by using the most up-to-date equipment and management methods.

Chadormelo waste recycling complex

Chadormelo waste recycling complex

The first complex focused on the recycling of iron ore concentrate tailings in the country, which is being operated by the Rahbar Farayand Arya company, is the Chadormello tailings recycling complex.

In this complex, 250,000 tons of iron ore concentrate is produced annually, which is the result of using the tailings from the processing factories of Chadormello complex. This complex, which has produced about two million tons of concentrate from 62 to 66 grade in the last ten years, is the first factory in Iran that uses high field intensity technology. Chador Melo waste recycling complex is located near Ardakan city of Yazd province and currently 80 people are working there.

Jalalabad Zarand Complex

The operation of the first hematite iron ore concentrate factory in Iran, near the Jalalabad mine in Zarand city, is the responsibility of the Aria process leader family. It was in Shahrivar month of 2013 that the activity started in this complex and now, with the help of using modern knowledge, advanced machinery and innovative methods, the waste water extraction capacity is 80% and the iron ore concentrate production capacity is 600 thousand tons per year is reached.

The implementation of new plans to improve the production line of this complex, in addition to increasing the production capacity by 30%, has also led to the provision of employment for a large number of local youth in the region. In Jalalabad complex, a monitoring and remote control system of the factory has been designed and implemented using the Internet of Things.

Kavan Abbasabad copper

Kavan Abbas Abad copper complex is home to Iran’s largest copper mine in the private sector, which has an exploitation license. Kavan Abbasabad Copper Company was established in 1386 for the purpose of exploration and extraction from Abbasabad mines and processing, production and export of copper concentrate, but in 1392 it was bought by Pars Sanat Group.

In addition to carrying out exploration and extraction operations from the above-mentioned mines, this company uses the latest production and processing technologies in the world, including dry stone crushing lines, X-ray sorter, and a factory equipped with flotation, and employs more than 145 experienced human resources, including experts, technical technicians, and employees is able to produce more than 7000 tons of copper concentrate products annually.