2 important points about Rahbar Farayand Aria

Rahbar Farayand Aria considers the following approaches in the direction of his values and ideals

  • Modeling world-class companies in the field of exploitation and production
  • Recruiting capable and experienced people for leadership roles in headquarters and factories
  • Identifying and attracting and empowering local people in factories and moving towards reducing satellite work
  • Identifying the world’s latest technologies and using them in exploitation
  • Designing and establishing management systems in factories
  • Standardization of processes, methods, tools, trainings in order to create the possibility of moving in different units
  • Creating and strengthening a professional work culture in the Rahbar Farayand Aria
  • Networking in the field of mining industries (consisting of scientific, technological and financial organizations)
  • Paying attention to local communities and preserving the environment

Values proposed by Rahbar Farayand Aria company for customers

Rahbar Farayand Aria ‘s approach requires the company to bring the following values to its customers:

  • Assisting in the delivery and initial setup of the site
  • Design and deployment of management systems in the factory (warehouse, network, production, laboratory, safety, human resources, …)
  • Identifying, evaluating, recruiting and training people to work in different units of the factory with an emphasis on recruiting local people
  • Operating the factory and reaching sustainable production capacity
  • Providing and implementing improvement plans to increase factory productivity
  • Creating and strengthening industrial culture in the factory (industrial cleanliness, safety, tool management)
  • Compliance with environmental considerations and improvement of factory status in this field (increasing the recovery factor, optimizing consumption of materials, energy, tailings dam, green space, ….)
  • The possibility of participation in the supply of feed as well as the sale of concentrates

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