The story of the establishment

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Weat Rahbar Farayand AryaSince 2011, we have started our activities in the field of improving the productivity of the country’s mining industries. Our main goal is the development of managerial and technical knowledge in the exploitation of mining and industrial industries, and in line with this goal, we have turned to using modern technologies and modern knowledge in this field.

We plan to launch and develop new projects in the future, and by creating a world-class operating service provider based on modern knowledge and new technologies, we intend to compete at the international level in this industry.

The region of West Asia, especially Iran, has a lot of potential in the field of mineral and industrial production, and we believe that in the near future, there are countless opportunities in this field for the region and the country. For this reason, our focus is on upgrading technical knowledge and using modern technologies so that we can optimize water and energy consumption and increase the quality of final products.

We believe in a green approach in our activities and strive to help better productivity, reduce waste and improve the productivity of mining factories. The development of knowledge in this industry and the use of advanced technologies in setting up and operating mining projects are very important for us. This focus and approach will bring us to a special place in the mining and mineral processing industry.

We benefit from the commitment to the productivity and development of the country’s mining industry and the efforts to improve the quality and environment in our activities, and we will continue our services in this direction in the hope of further improvement and development of this industry.


establish company

The establishment of the company "Rahbar Farayand Aria" with the previous name of Rahbar Farayand Sirjan was registered with the Tehran Companies and Industrial Property Registration Office with number 3244. This company is one of the subgroups of "Namad Sanat Pars" group.


The start of operation of the Chadormelo waste recycling plant

In the same year, the company started operating Chadormello waste recycling plant. This factory was used to recycle renewable materials.


Operation of Jalalabad factory

In 1396, the company expanded its activity by starting to operate Fakour Jalalabad factory. This factory is focused on the production of industrial and metal products.


Reforms and transformation

Renamed "Rahbar Farayand Arya", the company added technology principles, human resources and other advantages to its process. This action was carried out in order to cooperate with other holding groups of "Namad Sanat Pars" in order to enter a new chapter of exploitation and development in the mining industry globally.


The addition of Paya Folad Kavir Yazd

In 2018, the company began to operate Paya Fould Kavir Yazd, producing and processing steel products.


current point

Achieving special capabilities and standard facilities were equipped so that the companies related to this field and exploitation of minerals in the most economic way possible by using specialized and committed human resources and advanced equipment.

Macro view of Rahbar Farayand Arya company

attitude to human resources

Human power in Rahbar Farayand Arya company, as an irreplaceable and important capital, tries to provide fields of mutual thinking and empathy by taking advantage of human values such as respect, kindness, harmony, and creativity. Our goals are based on collaboration, customer focus, agility, and continuous improvement, and the RFA Academy is dedicated to developing employee competencies and promoting expertise and professionalism in the mining industry. Also, we have created a dynamic and supportive work environment to strengthen the motivation of colleagues and encourage their value and growth.

Look at the production

Rahbar Farayand Aria company has announced its important features for environmental protection and green exploitation. In this regard, it performs the following actions:

  1. Preventing wastage of minerals and environmental pollution.
  2. Utilizing advanced methods and equipment for optimal water consumption and recycling.
  3. Implementation of waste management program.
  4. Optimum utilization of tailings produced in mining complexes.
  5. Establishing the HSE management system to provide a safe environment for colleagues.
  6. Monitoring the health of human capital through periodic medical examination program.

These actions are carried out in order to improve the environment and commit to its protection.

Today's technologies

Important changes in the world’s mining industries emphasize the fifth generation of the industrial revolution and the importance of artificial intelligence, big data analysis and new innovation. Rahbar Farayand Arya company is also on the path of innovation in order to create intelligence and reproducibility along with the big companies of the world. This intelligentization and intelligent reproducibility will reach the ERFA stage by relying on business integration and maturity stages. In ERFA, the Rahbar Farayand Arya organization mechanizes its systems and processes, software data and services and provides the necessary arrangements to become a smart and global company at the level of SRFA. In SRFA, using DSS systems, digital intelligence, knowledge extraction from data and strategic and operational decision-making on a national and international scale have been made possible.


Board members

Ali Teymoori

project manager

Mohammad Rezaei


Javad Karimi

Sales Expert

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