Rahbar Farayand Aria development program: Leadership in realizing innovation and productivity in Iran’s mining industry

The development plan according to the issues raised, if we want to use new technologies, we must have an accurate and expert team for research and development that can investigate all the issues and identify the problems of the factories and find new and innovative ways to solve the problems extract and operate in the collection.

For this issue, we have two supporting institutions, a pilot plan institution in the heart of Tehran’s Fekorsanat complex, which is located around Tehran, which is unique in its kind in terms of iron ore processing, and in other words, there is no similar company in the Middle East, and in terms of pilot equipment The plan and experts in this field and experience are excellent; In this institute, the samples that we have obtained from different mines are tested in this pilot plan, in other words, what is going to be operated in the factory in the future is first tested and observed in this complex.

This support is very strong because the world’s latest innovations are used in this collection.

Our second support is Fekur Magnatis Company, which is a designer and manufacturer of concentrate processing equipment for the iron industry. This company has a strong D&R unit that has researched and studied processing equipment and with good international connections they can manage these things well. .

Rahbar Farayand aria set has entered the country’s mining industry as an innovative and different set from traditional sets. With a glance at the leader’s vision, we realize that a high and significant growth rate has been considered for the company; In such a way that by considering the three features of being innovative, being productive and being green, exploitation is considered at the global level.

The proposed vision is not just an aspirational role on paper! One of the reasons for outlining such a vision is the significant and remarkable step taken by the Pars Industry Symbol Group to purchase mines outside of Iran, such as in Australia. As a result, concentrate production plants will be opened in the near future, and the guiding company will be responsible for the operation and productivity of these plants.

Therefore, it is obvious that the Rahbar prepares to be present in international communities in order to advance the goals and overall development of the holding.

As mentioned, one of the prospects of the company is to be present in the international fields in the field of productivity, which requires extensive planning and investigations; For example, currently, million tons of concentrates of the present materials are produced in about 1 mineral, which should reach more than 12 million tons in a 3-year perspective; This indicates that the Rahbar Farayand Aria needs a high speed in the field of development.

In fact, the design of the management system, for the development and attraction of experts and the cultivation of elite human resources in this field and the network of colleagues that the leader has, can form an environment that can be sure of this growth.

The encouraging thing is the high number of factories that are engaged in productivity, that in the next one or two years, more than ten million tons of concentrate production will be put into operation. These factories definitely need a company that will be in charge of the operation. The Rahbar has a very high chance to accept this role and will have a high growth rate in this direction.