Iran’s mineral reserves

Iran’s mineral reserves are one of the world’s largest and best centers in the field of mining and its related affairs such as exploration, extraction and processing of minerals. We know that the presence of new equipment and technologies increases the percentage of success in various industries.

In Iran’s mining industry, the use of information and communication technologies, chemical technologies, mechanical technologies, and physical technologies can help increase productivity in the field of mining.

With the day-by-day progress of our country in various industries, including the mining industry, new technologies have also been used.

During these years, many companies have operated iron and copper factories and have been trying to develop them, but the traditional view of this activity and the difficulties of exploration, extraction and conversion into the final product made the void of a new and modern complex felt. A collection that has the ability to increase productivity with the help of benefiting from modern knowledge and saving energy.

Rahbar Farayand Aria has also had a strong presence in this field and considering the first level of the foundation structure of the collection, which is the use of experts and expert human resources, a systematic structure and the use of IT and IoT technology tries to implement the world’s innovations in the best possible way

Currently, Rahbar Farayand Aria is looking for solutions in the field of exploration of mineral zones and the development of technologies related to mining, including equipment design, development of IOT systems, and the use of new technologies, in this regard, in cooperation with the country’s top universities, including Amirkabir Industrial and Shahid Beheshti University are interacting and making the best use of Iran’s technology and mineral facilities.

The perspective of the organization is based on competitiveness and value-added production.

We have to study and research the global trends in the field of exploration, extraction and mining exploitation management; Therefore, we need to cooperate with universities and industrial institutes, university professors, laboratory research institutes, etc. in the field of Iran’s mineral resources.