Participation in investment

Pars Sanat Group, as a technology-oriented investment holding, has established various companies in the field of contracting activities, equipment manufacturing, product production and service provision, which by using its leading technologies, innovation and human resources capabilities as the group’s key asset, They are moving towards realizing the vision of Sanat Pars Group.

The company is trying to take a step towards the development of mining industries and optimization of exploitation of mines and protection of national capitals by participating in investment to introduce the new generation of knowledge and exploitation technologies at the global level.

Since most of the activities of the group’s companies were in the field of EPC projects, engineering and equipment manufacturing, and trading, since a few years ago, there was an urgent need to establish a company dedicated to participation in investment for exploitation among the many subgroups of the group.

Rahbar Farayand Arya company was formed in response to this need and it was decided to focus on the exploitation of mining industries, especially the exploitation of iron ore and copper concentrate lines.