Productivity culture

The Rahbar Farayand Arya company has placed a radical look at the category of management and productivity at the top of its work, in this direction, the main goal is to match the service provided by the group with the customer’s expectations, in such a way that the operation is accompanied by added value and the improvement of the group.

This productivity includes the optimal use of equipment and the reduction of depreciation of machinery in such a way that with the use of modern technologies and new knowledge, the level of quality and power of the factory is improved during operation and produces more added values.

In this direction, a program using the principles of using advanced knowledge system, modern technology and equipment, use and efficiency of new technologies such as IoT, a program to improve the work process based on productivity and quality has placed its title.

By using the new quality management system, the Rahbar Farayand Arya company seeks to improve output quality and reduce production costs, and with energy management, useful and efficient use of work resources, seeks to increase the quality of material production and increase the purity and quality of the final product with the same Raw material.

Another issue that has been implemented in the quality management system with the help of the scientific and executive partners of the group is the reduction of production costs by reducing energy consumption, reducing errors and human inefficiency, increasing the workforce, using modern engineering knowledge, and preventing wastage of resources. And it is the depreciation of the equipment that customers and beneficiaries of the collection, in addition to the service received, also witness the added value of work and technical development of their line and hit several marks with one arrow.

The path of the quality of the collection passes through the heart of knowledge, management and a special look at the human resource in order to improve the value and place of productivity in this industry with this tool.