Special machine building machine

Special machine building machine

In 1362, Special Machinery Company started its activity in the form of a company manufacturing equipment used in water and wastewater treatment units.

With the beginning of the seventies and the acceleration of the country’s development process, this company also stepped into the design and construction contracting field by developing its activities from the equipment manufacturer.

Currently, this company, with about four decades of experience in the fields of oil and petrochemicals, water purification, supply and distribution, power plant and steel industries, has been able to implement dozens of successful projects in these fields.

In this way, Special Machinery has become one of the leading companies in the country in the fields of water, facilities and equipment, construction, road and transportation, and industry and mining.

Special Machinery Company has entered the global financial markets in line with the successful management of projects and aims to achieve its financing by attracting foreign and domestic investors. Also, this company has seriously put organizational development and cooperation with capable and experienced forces on its agenda.