Attitude to human resources and areas

If we want to look at the general development of the country, the main issue is the special development of deprived areas and the activation of mines in these areas.

We try to use local people much as possible, but it is necessary that these people benefit from the minimum knowledge of this industry. For this purpose, an interaction program with local people regarding employment has been considered.

In this regard and for the education of native people, our group has considered different educational topics; From very simple trainings even for operators, supply and maintenance forces and simple workers, such as instrumentation training and basic technical training to be able to recognize the parts, map reading and general electrical training to identify Parts and identifying the sensitivities of the devices and parts analysis, …, to the net team, which is responsible for providing and maintaining, for this purpose, the strongest and most expert net in the country has been used, and hours of training have been prepared in the field of their activities, and it takes at least 2 years to complete this Courses and learning of all subjects are required. In 1998, a major part of these trainings started and continues.

The group’s view on human resources education is very high and according to the issue of performance management system, we have established a system that allows people to present and improve their skills and capabilities, and these two factors together can greatly help the growth of human resources. .

Rahbar Farayand Arya group with the perspective of sustainable development and national development of Iran intends to supply its workers for its exploitation complexes and mines from local forces within the region. این موضوع به 3 دلیل بنیادی وابسته است که بر این مبنا این الویت­‌گذاری منافع بیشتری را برای تمامی ذینفعان علی­‌الخصوص مردم منطقه و کشور در بر خواهد داشت، دلایلی بنیادی این تصمیم به شرح زیر است:

  1. Employment priorities, when done with local forces, can play a significant role both in the direction of social responsibility and in the direction of the development of the region. This issue causes a financial influx in the region, which itself causes regional development, and in addition to the individual development of the people of the region, it also increases the regional welfare, which is clearly mentioned in the sixth paragraph of social responsibility to develop the environment of the place of action.
  2. The social costs caused by the migration and invitation of other ethnicities to the regions cause cultural confusion and can change the fabric of the social style of the regions and change the ethnic and regional values, which in most cases the social effect may not be favorable and it may not be able to achieve the necessary growth. .
  3. The employment of local people reduces basic costs in the region without additional infrastructure development for accommodation, which both reduces provincial costs and causes more prosperity in the region and more people’s interest in maintaining and developing the industrial complex.