Cooperation with institutions

One of the serious distinctions of Rahbar Farayand Arya Group in the development of its knowledge, quality of productivity and efficiency is its partnership with scientific, research and academic institutions. This subject will include four advantages for the collection, knowledge development, speed of knowledge growth, differentiation in the faster and more complete development of the collection, and finally the production of new knowledge to create more quality and productivity, which in total can lead to further growth and cost reduction include extras for collections.

Currently, Rahbar Farayand Arya Group has entered into full partnership and cooperation with Amir Kabir and Beheshti Universities and institutions, and has entered into activities with this group of groups and with mechanical faculties in fields such as exploration of mineral zones, equipment design, development of IOT systems and the use of new technologies computers and industries interact.

For example, a project has been defined for cooperation with Amirkabir University at the level of doctoral students, which, in addition to solving the issue and implementing it as a university project, supports the theses of senior and doctoral students, in which global trends in the field of iron and copper concentrate production from Several aspects of investigation and research and a road map are created, and questions such as precise systems and measurements, how many people are working to produce each ton of concentrate, how much water is consumed, and other information that can lead to creating productivity or optimizing the system be implemented.

The perspective of the organization is based on competitive and value-added production, which we must investigate and research global trends. Therefore, in this regard, we need to cooperate with universities and industrial institutes, university professors and laboratory research institutes, …..