Features and missions

The main mission of the Rahbar Farayand Arya company is to operate factories for the production of iron ore and copper concentrate and pellets. Currently, several companies operate in different sectors of the mining field; However, to fulfill its mission,Rahbar Farayand Arya has followed strategies that have distinguished it from other companies and led it to an effective activity in order to preserve national resources and strengthen the interests of the country.

These solutions have three basic features:

The first feature is the use of new methods that make the most possible exploitation of waste minerals;

The second feature is the type of performance that helps the company become a productive entity. Attracting and nurturing expert and efficient human resources, designing and deploying new management systems, using advanced machinery and the science of using these equipment are the four determining factors in the successful performance and high efficiency of the Rahbar Farayand Arya. In the meantime, Rahbar Farayand Arya’s considers itself responsible for the principled and correct use of machines, devices, equipment and, in general, employers’ capital.

The third feature, which can be said to have formed the most important aspect of the activities of the Rahbar Farayand Arya company, is its greenness; This company considers itself responsible for the damage caused to the earth due to the extraction of minerals.

In this regard, it is important for each member of the Rahbar Farayand Arya’s family to prevent the waste of these materials by making maximum use of the minerals and thus prevent excessive extraction. Another dimension that makes the green dress more suitable for the company is the optimal water consumption with the help of advanced equipment; That is why being green in Rahbar Farayand Arya is not limited to the initiative of proper maintenance of the plant’s green space. At present, the annual production of concentrate in the factories operated by the Rahbar Farayand Arya is more than two million tons. The vision of the leader of the Rahbar Farayand Arya is that this figure will reach twelve million tons by 1402.