Fundamental values ​​of human resources

Effective interaction

Respect and politeness are in our essence, respect for people, the environment and the values ​​of the local community. We are interactive, we listen well to understand the opinions of others and express our opinions clearly.


We believe that timeliness and speed in defining and implementing tasks determines the importance of that task. We act fast in setting up and implementing, we are flexible and we respond to environmental and internal changes faster than others.

Professionalism We respect the specialties and refer the work to an expert, we use specialized tools for work, we pay attention to field evidence in the field of thought and action, we have intellectual order and neatness of appearance.

to serve

Customer is our blessing, customer’s need is the beginning of our work and customer’s satisfaction is our goal. The internal customer is just as important as the international customer.


We try to be consistent in our thoughts, words, and actions, we do not give false reports, and we have adequate and timely reporting.


We are purposeful at the beginning of work and we pay attention to the result, in the process of doing it we try to achieve the result and we don’t give up. At the end of the work, we report based on the results.

Human resource values

In the Rahbar Farayand Arya company, we have 7 fundamental values ​​of human resources, which all our colleagues are committed to. We act based on them when making decisions and regulating our relationships and behaviors. We believe that standing on these values ​​facilitates and enables the achievement of the organization’s valuable vision.