Human resources of Rahbar Farayand Aria

Human Resource

The view of human capital in Rahbar Farayand Aria company is a special view as very valuable potential assets, and in other words, the correct use and efforts to develop the potential and actual competences of people, in all areas of knowledge, attitude and skills, is one of the most important concerns of this company.

In this approach, major attention to the growth, development and support of young and competent human resources is given priority We believe that respecting the diversity of human talents, interests and capabilities can create a unique path for each person. Our mission is to help our human resources to grow and move in this direction and achieve prosperity, after which we will have a valuable and diverse treasure of developed people together, who are all striving for the growth and prosperity of themselves and the organization.

Valuing human capital shows its importance more when we pay attention to the gaps in the space of mining industries. The lack of specialized forces in various fields of exploitation of mining industries, or the existence of specialized forces that have the ability to improve in the field of soft skills and interpersonal communication due to the growth of a single area, has prompted us to look at the field of human capital development with a multi-dimensional view to examine Our vision is to become a reference for the development of human capital in the country’s mining industries.

In addition, in formulating the strategies of the company, looking at the general development of the country, the issue of special development of deprived areas and activation of mines in these areas is considered as one of our main goals. Therefore, the employment of competent local forces in these areas is one of the priorities of the human resources field.

Also, the development of this company in the past years has been influential in the development of the employment environment. Since one of the goals of the human resources development unit is to help realize the organization’s goals and advance the group’s strategies, we aim to be effective in creating jobs and increasing productivity in the country by helping to expand the company’s activities.

The current processes currently cover the development circle, performance management and service compensation to create a favorable and growing atmosphere for colleagues.